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Torricelli s.r.l. is one of the market leaders for design, construction and management of plants for the treatment of primary water, waste water, sludge and solid waste, production of electrical power and cogeneration, renewable energy.
Torricelli s.r.l. operates in the whole country and overseas.

Torricelli’s activity began in 1984 experiencing over the years more and more advanced abilities and skills in technological fields.

Torricelli manages and develops the execution of works directly from headquarters in Forlì.

Currently the company has approximately 30 employees, most of them engineers and high-skilled technicians (project managers and process treatment experts). The company's current year revenue stands at 20 million Euros.

Torricelli has a modern structure which includes specific figures for legal support and financial management.

The company has improved a management system that meets the requirements of ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, ensuring high-quality standards and operative methods.
Torricelli cooperates with both clients and partners to pursue excellence and value-added relationships.
The company is respectful of the ethical principles adopting the fundamentals of the former Ethical Code issued in Dec. 2010.

Torricelli aims at increasing social responsibility.
The organization adopted a management system in accordance with SA8000 Standard (version 2014), setting out the requirements to be met in every business activity concerning the company stakeholders.
The last step was the SA8000 certification in 2016.