• Inauguration June 27, 2016

    Inaugurated by Mediterranea delle Acque S.p.A. (IREN Group), the MBR plant in Recco (GE) with a treatment capacity of 35,000 P.E.

    Torricelli realized the electrical, automation and supervision system, the ventilation plant and works of completion such as pumping stations and sludge ultrasonic lysis system.

  • Inauguration September 25, 2015

    Inaugurated by Romagna Acque-Società delle Fonti S.p.A. the largest plant in Europe for the potabilization of surface water by direct ultrafiltration. Torricelli coordinated and carried out the design, construction and commissioning of the plant and of the final pumping station.

  • Inauguration July 4, 2015

    Inaugurated by Forli Città Solare S.r.l. the plant record in Europe for the district heating by solar concentration, built by Torricelli.

  • Adjudication April 2015

    Awarded by Provincia Autonoma di Trento to Torricelli, member of a joint venture, the building works of the new waste water treatment plant.


Plants for ecology

Over the years, Torricelli has diversified and strengthened its activities in the construction of plants related to the processing of the full cycle of water, treatment and disposal of waste and production of energy from renewable sources.

Our main activities

Design, building and management of plants and safeguards for the enviromental integrity.

Potabilization and Water Distribution
Wastewater Treatment
Sewage Sludge and Municipal Solid Waste Treatment
Energy recovery and production from alternative sources
Plant Management and maintenance